We accomplished our goal to build an additional area to house certain special needs cats that can't be housed with the others. 




Any donations will be greatly appreciated and can be made securely here through pay pal. Five dollars can feed one cat for five days, or 5 cats for 1 day. We currently have 60 cats.

This page is dedicated to oliver

  • Our shelter is home to many special needs and rescued cats. We have taken feral cats and made them friendly.If a cat does not get adopted it will have an eternal sanctuary! Help Meowt C.A.R.E.S sits on 11.5 acres of land with an old western town that has been converted into the free roaming indoor sanctuary. The cats also have the opportunity to go outside in a fully enclosed outdoor retreat. If you are interested in sponsoring a cat please feel free to email us  suzin@helpmeowtcares.com

We are a 501(c)(3)non profit charitable organization. All donations will go directly to helping the cats and the maintaining the shelter. All donations are tax deductable